Meeting for Young Scientists in Proteomics 2021

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Scientific program

09:00 - 10:00 Proteomics on Alzheimer's desease
09:00 - 09:20 Ana Montero Calle - Instituto de Salud Carlos III
Quantitative proteomics analysis of brain tissue samples from Alzheimer’s Disease patients reveled dysregulated proteins that might be key for the understanding of the disease.
09:20 - 09:40 Miren Alonso - Instituto de Salud Carlos III
Identification of candidate biomarkers of Alzheimer Disease’s by proteomics.
09:40 - 10:00 Mercedes Lachén-Montes - Navarrabiomed
Olfactory bulb proteomics reveals widespread proteostatic disturbances in mixed dementia and guides for potential serum biomarkers to discriminate Alzheimer disease and mixed dementia phenotypes.
10:15 - 12:00 Phosphoproteomics and Proteomics on plants
10:15 - 10:35 Lara García-Campa - University of Oviedo
Integrated physiological and chloroplast proteome analysis supports transgenerational cross-stress memory hypothesis in Pinus radiata.
10:35 - 10:55 María Carbó - University of Oviedo
Proteomic and physiological characterization of Chlamydomonas reinhardtii response to Bisphenol A.
10:55 - 11:15 Carla Simões and Inês Caeiro - University of Evora
SENSEPREDICT – Test to evaluate astringency in wine - An entrepreneurship project.
11:15 - 11:35 Fátima Milhano dos Santos - Centro Nacional de Biotecnologia
Quantitative proteome and phosphoproteome analysis of A549-ACE2 cells after infection with SARS-CoV2 - A pilot study.
11:35 - 11:55 Fabio Trindade - University of Porto
Myocardial phosphoproteomics in aortic stenosis patients identifies pathways associated with incomplete myocardial reverse remodeling and a kinase interfering in cardiomyocyte force development.
13:45 - 15:15 Proteomics for cancer research
13:45 - 14:05 Guillaume Tosato - Institute of Research on Cancerology in Montpellier, INSERM
Discovery of soluble pancreatic cancer biomarkers using innovative clinical proteomics and statistical learning.
14:05 - 14:25 Laura Guerrero - Centro Nacional de Biotecnología
Development of a standardized MRM targeted proteomics method for monitoring One-carbon metabolism enzymes in hepatocellular carcinoma and cirrhosis.
14:25 - 14:45 Diego Fernando Garcia del Rio - Université de Lille
Studying protein complexes for assessing the function of ghost proteins in ovarian cancer.
14:45 - 15:05 María del Pilar Chantada-Vázquez - Instituto de Investigacion Sanitaria de Santiago de Compostela Laboratorio de Nanoproteomica
A novel nanoproteomic approach for the discovery of novel protein biomarkers from the different breast cancer subtypes.
15:30 - 17:15 Various applications of proteomics
15:30 - 15:50 Charlotte Brun - LSMBO at Strasbourg
LC-MS analysis to determine glycation rates of intact blood proteins in a bird, the zebra finch.
15:50 - 16:10 Laura Carreira - University of Evora
Salivary proteome of patients with dry mouth syndrome - a pilot study evaluating the effect of pilocarpine.
16:10 - 16:30 Catherine Gilbert - Institute of Chemistry and Biology of Membranes and Nanoobjects, CNRS Bordeaux
Study of collagen crosslinking and associated modifications in bones using proteomics.
16:30 - 16:50 Rita Nogueira-Ferreira - UMIB, Universidade do Porto
Proteomics analysis of urine to study sex-linked differences in heart failure with preserved ejection fraction.
16:50 - 17:10 Filipa Fernandes - ITQB Portugal
Proteomic profiling of serum samples for discovery and validation of TB diagnostic biomarkers

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